Another TE Fighting Stick Preview

The San Jose Mercury News has a preview (with photos) of the Tournament Edition fighting stick. Overall, it’s pretty positive except for the question on how the controls will work since Left Trigger(LT) and Right Button (RB) are located at the top and far away from the regular 6 buttons. I’m sure NetherRealm thought about this before designing the buttons to be exactly like the MK3 arcade cabinet. Right?

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5 Responses to Another TE Fighting Stick Preview

  1. Trash says:

    Well, there is no RUN, so the old RUN button will be something new….

  2. osx says:

    I saw a video somewhere that one of the shoulder buttons was the “throw button.”

  3. osx says:

    I still don’t believe the final version will let you do X-rays by pressing two buttons, much less the same two buttons for every character. That might be just a demo thing so people get to see it.

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